A young and dynamic company focused on the future, OGM has a history of great institutional relevance. The company was founded in 1962 as "Officine Grafiche Muzzio". Its founder, Carlo Muzzio, led the company until 1995, when he handed it over to a new management team, made up by Flavia Vezzani, Guido Mantoan and Marco Schiavon.

Inspired by their high-level experience, the new owners shifted the company's attention onto research and technological development for employees and equipment alike, aiming at higher quality products and a state-of-the-art service. The awards we received and the loyalty of our client base are a tribute to OMG's ethical choices throughout the years.


The quality of the printing

Quality is a must. Thanks to quality, our company meets the expectations of clients from highly demanding sectors, such as furniture, ceramics, fashion and luxury.

Thanks to quality, our company was among the winners of the “Sappi European Printers" award in 2007 for the “Annual reports” category, and in 2011 for "Catalogues", reaching the absolute first place in the Fedrigoni Top Applications Award in the Catalogue category.


Speed and punctuality

Thanks to three powerful printing machines and shifts planning, we guarantee shorter production times.

OGM is equipped with an efficient prepress department that manages files and colors in the most creative way. The color separation is managed using the GMG application. Certified color proofs can be output on glossy, matte  or uncoated paper. The whole work flow is managed by Kodack Prinergy and the CTP system is Kodak Magnus 800.

Furthermore, OGM is based inside an industrial area which hosts some of the most qualified providers of post-printing services.


The valeu of service

A network of technical advisers provides assistance across Italy, handling the entire management of the printing process including photolitography. In addition.

OGM offers a very effective logistical distribution management service, and delivers printed material all over the world.


Technology and investments

OGM continuously invests in technology to better assist its clients in their innovative requests


OGM prepress department is equipped with 4 MAC stations plus powerful software (GMG) able to manage files and output digital coated and uncoated proofs using the Fogra 39 certification proofing system.
Prepress workflow system is Kodack Prinergy and Computer To Plate system is Kodak Magnum 800


OGM has two day shifts.

OGM’s press machines:

- HEIDELBERG SpeedMaster SM10P

70X100cm - 10 colors; it includes the Perfect system that allows simultaneous printing on both sides of a sheet (5 over 5) (April 2014)

- HEIDELBERG SpeedMaster SM10P

70X100cm - 10 colors; it includes the Perfect system that allows simultaneous printing on both sides (5 over 5) (December 2014)


70X100 - 6 colors + aqueous anilox varnish (2010)


120x160 5c (joint venture since 2013)

Elaborate creations

Creative people are free to invent. Besides showing a clear inclination toward experimentation, OGM is skilled in all the printing, binding and packaging techniques. Innovative varnish types that perfectly adhere to particular varieties of surfaces such as metallic paper, cardboard cutouts, articulate systems for thumb-indexing.

Constructive challenges from daring customers represent constant source of experience for the growth of OGM. Maximum degree of flexibility and ultimate expression of mastery in typographical skills that result in utmost creativity.



Product Catalogue


Product Catalogue